Mineral Special Seminar専題研討會第二位殿堂級貴賓

専題研討會 – 礦物投資
國際響譽盛名全球首席寶石切割大師維克托.圖茲盧科夫先生(Mr Victor Tuzlukov)
維克托.圖茲盧科夫先生的作品選用了近完美寶石材料,是獨一無二的切割藝術品,而且更開創了寶石切割的新維度, 每種新的切割圖案都蘊藏著不同的哲學象徵意義在其中。
機會難逢,萬勿錯過!有關此次専題研討會詳細資料和表格申請,請 email info@themineralcourse.com

Mineral Special Seminar
The second VIP guest speaker – Mr. Victor Tuzlkov
Mr. Victor Tuzlkov is the world’s leading gemstone cutting Master, he also is the world record in the International Faceting Championship; up to now still no one beaten this record, his students won all awards on 2014 & 2015; created many brilliant achievements.
Mr. Tuzlkov selected the best quality of gemstones on his work, which is unique and with advanced technical skills, it is also creating a new dimension of gem cutting, each new cutting pattern is also combining with different philosophical symbolic meanings. All are the unique beautiful top level collectable art pieces.
This time, Mr. Victor Tuzlukov specially prepared his latest work for this mineral investment seminar.
Do not miss this opportunity!
For this seminar application, please email info@themineralcourse.com

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