Mineral Special Seminar 専題研討會 第三位殿堂級貴賓

専題研討會 – 礦物投資
英國自然歷史博物館礦物和行星科學館館長米高.拉姆西先生 (Mr. Mike Rumsey)
有關此次専題研討會詳細資料和表格申請,請email info@themineralcourse.com

Mineral Special Seminar
The third VIP guest speaker – Mr. Mike Rumsey
United Kingdom Natural History Museum Senior Curator in Charge, Minerals and Planetary Sciences.
Mr. Mike Rumsey has been over 18 years professionally curating minerals experiences and among three years at Oxford University Museum. He is the United Kingdom’s elected member on the IMA Commission of New Minerals, Nomenclature and Classification and was honored in 2012 for his work on type of specimens and curation with the naming of the rare lead fluoroxychloride mineral “Rumseyite”.
This is the first time Mr. Mike Rumsey coming to Asia and specially prepared the talk at TMS the mineral special seminar, this opportunity is unique. Do not miss this!
For this seminar application, please email info@themineralcourse.com

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