Mineral Special Seminar 専題研討會首席貴賓 

Mineral Special Seminar 専題研討會 – 礦物投資
國際響譽盛名全球最大最權威的礦物資料庫Mindat.org創辨人華富祖先生(Mr Jolyon Ralph)。

有關此次専題研討會詳細資料和表格申請,請email info@themineralcourse.com


Mineral Special Seminar
First VIP special speaker – Mr. Jolyon Ralph
Mr. Jolyon Ralph, founder of the world’s number one leading resource on mineral information – mindat.org.
Mr Ralph has over 20 years of knowledge and experience in minerals, in 2005 he wrote “The top 100 minerals” which has been promoted by many new mineral collectors as a mineral collecting bible reference!
This time Mr. Ralph will sharing his knowledge and experience on how to choose minerals as aesthetic collectables and for their investment potential.
Do not miss this opportunity!

For this seminar application, please email info@themineralcourse.com

Any question please email to info@themineralshow.com

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